Dianne Snyder

Hello and welcome to AngelBridge Healing.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.


My name is Dianne Snyder and I am the founder of AngelBridge Healing. AngelBridge Healing was created due to my deep desire to share Reiki and energetic healing. My journey began about 30 years ago with a deep love of angels and the angelic realm. I fully know that angels are here supporting and guiding all of us. Over time, though, I began to question where do I belong and how can I further help others.


In August, 2015 I became certified in Reiki I. During this class, I immediately knew that Reiki was what I was called to do! Since that time, I became certified in Reiki II and then became a Reiki Master. In addition to Reiki, I am also certified in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and Metatron Healing. All of these energetic healing modalities work hand in hand to support the individual on a physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual level.


Reiki helps to release blocked energy within the seven main chakras in our body. When Reiki moves through the chakras, stagnant energy moves out so that energy can be free flowing. Reiki is very helpful in supporting the overall well-being of an individual and it is gentle, relaxing and restorative.