Dianne's Miracle Story

In the summer of 1976, I was 13 years old. I was on a bike ride with friends. As we were coasting down a hill, we turned onto a side street, and I hit a pot hole. Upon impact of hitting the pot hole, I was thrown over the handle bars of my bike and hit a telephone pole head on. I was immediately unconscious and rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I was in a coma for over a week, but during the time I was in this state, my parents, siblings, and numerous family and friends were praying for me. There was one particular person, though, who prayed for me. She was a long-time friend of our family, and she has always had such a deep faith and love of Jesus, Mother Mary, and all angels and saints. While I was hospitalized, this amazing person pinned a St. John Neumann medal and Blessed Mother’s scapular to my pillow, and she stood by my bedside and spoke to me as though I was well.  She surrounded me with love and positive thoughts.

My condition was not the greatest. I had a brain injury and a blood clot on the brain. The doctors told my parents that I had a 50/50 chance of recovering and they honestly weren’t sure what my cognitive condition would be. They decided that they had to remove the blood clot to alleviate the pressure on the brain as they were left with no other choice because I remained in a coma and was not improving.

Less than an hour before this procedure, however, I woke up and was irritated by the sound of crying babies. (I did not know just yet that I was on the pediatric floor of a hospital. I only knew I heard babies crying.) I remember expressing that they needed to stop crying, to which a nurse replied that they’re just babies and didn’t know what they’re doing. I immediately closed my eyes and acted as though I was asleep as I felt embarrassed and pretended that this exchange didn’t happen. What I didn’t know was that while my dad was praying in the chapel, my beautiful mother was in the room observing me. She questioned me if I knew what had just occurred, and I replied that I was telling the babies to stop crying because they were disturbing me. Mom then asked me a few questions, and I was able to answer everything clearly. At this point, she asked for the surgeon to examine me. He then asked me all sorts of questions (name, birth date, the last three presidents, etc.) and I answered everything without any hesitation. The surgeon decided not to do the surgery and sent me for a CT Scan. The scan showed that the blood clot had fully dissolved! In addition, after a thorough examination, the doctors announced that they had no way to describe what happened other than it was a miracle. Praise God! I was released from the hospital several days later, had a few follow-up appointments with the neurosurgeon, and was told that I was fully fine, no brain injury, and to go and live my life.

Years later, in 2022, I visited a medium/shaman, and I did not disclose any information about myself prior to this meeting. She questioned me about the injuries I had sustained when I was a young girl, and she then went on to say that someone in particular is responsible for your miracle. I immediately knew who it was. It was Marcella Chambers, our family friend, and my Earth Angel. To say that I am thankful for her love, prayers and petition to God for my wellbeing is an understatement. I will forever be grateful to Marcella for her role in the miraculous healing that took place in my life.

I have always believed in the power of prayer, I have a deep faith, I know the unconditional love of angels and truly believe that they’re here to assist us. I’m grateful for the meeting I had with the shaman as it was this meeting that helped me to see the connection of my accident, my miraculous healing, and my desire to work with the angelic realm to help assist people. Now older and wiser, I do see it very clearly. It is my mission to help people heal. I was absolutely blessed with a second chance in life.